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Guide to Citadel Campus Names

Padgett-Thomas Barracks

James Graham Padgett (1869-1939)

  • Citadel Class of 1892

John Pulaski Thomas (1873-1949)

  • Citadel Class of 1893


  • Completed 1922
  • Originally known as Main Barracks or Barracks 2
  • Named Padgett-Thomas Barracks in 1934
  • Rebuilt in 2004

“On motion of Gen. Dozier, seconded by Mr. Fishburne, Main Barracks was named “Padgett-Thomas Barracks”.

Citadel Board of Visitors meeting minutes, June 1, 1934

“In 1912 he became a member of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, which position he held until his death. While a member of the Board he served as Vice Chairman, with marked interest and ability, being always active and alert in matters pertaining to the best interests of his Alma Mater, so that he was familiarly known by his associates as, “The Senator from The Citadel.” During his administration as State Senator, and Member of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, he was very active and influential in the establishment of the Greater Citadel, and especially in the construction of the Main Barracks. It was in recognition of these services that the Central Barracks was named in his honor jointly with that of his friend and Chairman of the Board, Colonel John P. Thomas.”

Citadel Board of Visitors meeting minutes, February 18, 1939


Padgett-Thomas Barracks under construction, ca. 1922

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James G. Padgett, John P. Thomas