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Service Before Self: The Evolution from Cadet to General

3D Scan

Cadets from The Citadel’s Makerspace Club and the Baker School of Business Innovation Lab made 3D scans of General Walters with two different 3D scanners.


One scanner used was the Structure Scanner, which can be attached to an iPad, and uses infrared beams and a sensor to create the model's surface. The second scanner was an Artec Eva, which uses a structured light technique to capture data by flashing a pattern of light onto a subject, and measuring the distortion of the light pattern to form the model.


The 3D model on display here was printed on a Lulzbot Tax 6 printer using PLA plastic from the Artec Eva scan. The scan itself took approximately five minutes, with an additional 40 minutes for computer processing. The printing process lasted about 25 hours.


Makerspace Club faculty adviser Dan Hawkins organized this project with Dr. James Bezjian of the Baker School of Business Innovation Lab. Club members Robin Lang, Ben Scott, Trevor Mills, and Isaac Stolar of the  Innovation Lab operated the scanners.