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Early History of Cuban Cadets at The Citadel

Col. Coward academic update 1905

Colonel Asbury Coward, Superintendent (President) of The Citadel, provided an update to the Board of Visitors in their 1905 minutes:

"In my own department as professor the work of the First Class was generally satisfactory. In addition to that work, and in order to relieve pressure, I met a section of the Fourth class in Algebra daily until February, and then I gave instruction to the Cuban pupils in Mathematics until the end of the year – I regret to say that I found them very backward in both Arithmetic and Algebra. I believe however, that the three remaining on the roll are able to take up the full regular work of the next Fourth Class –
Our experience with these pupils has not fulfilled expectations. Of the eight matriculated, five were found to be unfit material for our institution and it became necessary to dismiss them – The three remaining are gentlemanly in behavior, seem to be self respecting and desirous to learn, and are quite pleased with their connection with the Academy. Through them we may hope to get suitable material from Cuba. It is evident however that if we are to cultivate that field some more systematic provision for special instruction required must be made –"

Col. Coward's update to The Citadel's Board of Visitors, 1905