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Faculty Resources


Your Library Liaisons

Library liaisons are here to help all faculty and staff find the right tools and resources they need to pursue their goals. Each department (academic and non-academic) has a specific contact-person at the library. Find your department below to get connected today!

  • Dan Hawkins
    Business, English, Engineering, Health and Human Performance,  Fine Arts, Nursing, Modern Languages
  • Elise Wallace
    Political Science, Intelligence, Criminal Justice,  Leadership, Military Science, 
  • Tessa Updike
    History, Archives
  • Danielle Moore
    History (with Tessa), Psychology, Biology Chemistry, Cyber Security, Math, Physics

Your Syllabi help define our collection

Dear Instructors,

Sending copies of your syllabi  helps us when ordering new books, databases and other supporting course materials. It also allows us to better answer the questions of your students. Please help us by providing a copy of your syllabi. You may send it to Terri Johnson at

Thank you. 

Feedback and Suggestions

We welcome input from everyone on campus. How can we make the library a more enjoyable experience for you? Please let us know by e-mailing or calling us at 843-953-2569.