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Faculty Resources

Information and Access

The PASCAL Faculty Textbook Portal, built on EBSCO Faculty Select interface, is designed to assist faculty in finding and selecting open and affordable course materials. By leveraging free open materials and low-cost library-licensed resources, faculty can transform their courses and reduce the cost burden for students.

Content included in Faculty Select includes:

  • 24,000+ and growing OER Materials
    • BC Open Textbooks
    • Milne Open Textbooks
    • OAPEN
    • OpenStax
    • Open Textbook Library
  • 7,000+ and growing Open Access EBSCO e-books
  • 280,000+ and growing Unlimited Use DRM-free e-books
  • Over 400 PASCAL Owned E-Books from the following collections:
    • ProQuest Social Science & EDI Collection
    • Oxford UPSO Psychology Collection

Introduction to the PASCAL Faculty Textbook Portal webinar

The recording and presentation slides for the Introduction to the PASCAL Faculty Textbook Portal webinar held on February 23, 2023 are now available on the SCALE website on the Recorded Webinars page:

Things To Know

  • Since this is provided by PASCAL, you will need to create your own personal account in order to sign in. 
  • In order to get a link to an eBook, you must complete the "Request a course friendly link" rather than use the Permalink tool that you may be familiar with from using Daniel Library's EBSCO databases.
  • Please take a look at the PDF below which contains screen shots and helpful information.
  • Please reach out with any questions.
  • While this is a great database to find OAR, OER and eBooks available for library purchase, it does not include all the titles that are available in these formats.  If you don't find anything here that fits with your course, there may be other options out there. Please see the Open Education Resource Guide for more information or contact your librarian liaison
  • Thank you for considering eBook options for your course textbook and/or supplemental readings!