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The Citadel Archives

The Citadel Archives is the repository for historic material pertaining to The Citadel as an institution.

Videos by The Citadel Archives

Where We Come From

Histories of ethnic, racial, and gender minorities from the Corps of Cadets, by Tessa Updike and Alexandra Adler.


The History of Poetry at The Citadel

Discover poetry from The Citadel Archives dating back to 1859! Topics include young love, academics, athletics, and even bedbugs in the barracks. Created by Tessa Updike in the spring of 2020.


Cadet Rebellions from Citadel History

It started with five seniors sneaking out at night to go to a party, and ended with a riot that brought police to campus and resulted in the expulsion of 60 cadets. The biggest rebellion in Citadel history, The Cantey Rebellion in 1898 is just one event from this special presentation by Tessa Updike, Alex Adler, English Drews, Shiloh Smiles, and Mark Delatte.







Artifact video: Tew sword by Grahame Long





Artifact video: Citadel bracelet by Alex Adler





Artifact video: Register sword by Tessa Updike and Grahame Long