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The Citadel Archives

The Citadel Archives is the repository for historic material pertaining to The Citadel as an institution.

COVID-19 Stories



Terms & Conditions

Welcome! Thank you for sharing a story or image with The Citadel Archives for our Share Your Spring 2020 Story collection. We are seeking stories, memories and photographs relating to your challenges and successes, and reflections on how COVID 19 has affected your school, work, and personal lives.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before submitting your entry.  Be aware that by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions you are transferring ownership of your submission to The Citadel, which allows The Citadel to use your submission anywhere, at any time. 

At the time of your submission you must be 18 years of age or older.

Your submission must be created by you, wholly original, except that: you may include things that are in the public domain and/or, if submitting an oral history, share these terms and conditions to the interviewee and obtain his or her agreement to them prior to submitting the interview.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you are giving your story to The Citadel and renounce any ownership of your submission. You agree to permit The Citadel to publish your submission in communication channels (websites, social media, print and online publications, newsletters), publicity and promotions, fundraising, educational programming and publications, and exhibitions.

Do not submit anything that is commercial, off-topic, partisan-political, contains personal attacks or expletives, or is otherwise abusive, threatening, unlawful, harassing, discriminatory, libelous, obscene, false, pornographic, or that infringes the rights of any third party, or violates these rules of use, which are incorporated here by reference.  Once you make a submission, The Citadel reviews it for compliance with our Terms and Conditions and may, but is not obliged to, edit submissions for grammar, spelling, and/or insignificant profanity. The Citadel is under no obligation to keep, post, or use any submission.

By making a submission, you waive any privacy expectations you may have with regard to your submission.  If The Citadel selects your submission for inclusion on its website and social media channels, The Citadel will make the submission, in whole or part, available to the general public.  The public may use and share your submission in various ways including via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, and applications such as “share this,” all of which operate independently of The Citadel (i.e., have their own policies and terms), and commentary with which you disagree may become associated with your submission.

Personal contact information provided with your submission to The Citadel will not be made public, sold, traded or used in any way except for The Citadel’s Archives and Museum staff to contact you about your submission. 

You are solely responsible for your submission and any consequences of submitting it.  The Citadel shall not be responsible or liable for any breach of these terms and conditions by you, claims by a third party that your submission violates the third party's rights, or claims by you that a third party is misusing your submission.

If you have questions about any aspect of these terms and conditions, you may contact The Citadel’s Archives at