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PSYC500: Human Growth and Development (Matthews)


1) Movies:  The cinema often describes, either via comedy or drama, certain aspects or issues related to human development.  Please choose movies that you have not seen recently.  Enjoy the film, and then focus on either the plot as a whole or a single character to answer the relevant questions.  If VCR or movie access is a problem, let me know.  You can watch these movies in group settings but be sure to develop your report independently.  To get credit for this, you need to write up a report for the movie viewed in the prescribed format see attached page.  25 points each.

Approved Movies

Stealing Home                                     American Graffiti                                                 Fried Green Tomatoes

Breaking Away                                     Field of Dreams                                                  Boyz N the Hood

Raising Arizona                                    St. Elmo’s Fire                                                    Three Men and a Baby     

Singles                                                 Stand by Me                                                        He Said, She Said

Home Alone                                         When Harry Met Sally                                         Radio Flyer                          

Little Big Man                                       Heathers                                                              Grumpy Old Men

Pretty in Pink                                        Parenthood                                                          Sixteen Candles  

Shadowlands                                        Father of the Bride                                              Flatliners

The Graduate                                       The Power of One                                               Forrest Gump

The World According to Garp               My Girl                                                                Circle of Friends

Muriel’s Wedding                                  Nell                                                                       A River Runs Through It

Life with Father                                     Cocoon                                                                Grand Canyon

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape                Risky Business                                                    The Outsiders                      

4 Weddings & a Funeral                     Wild Strawberries (subtitled)                                Ran (subtitled)

Cinema Paradiso (subtitled)               Widow’s Peak                                                      Nine Months                        

Jack                                                    Wyatt Earp                                                           Indian in the Cupboard

Dolores Claiborne                               Grumpier Old Men                                              As Good As It Gets

10 Things I Hate About You                Never Been Kissed                                              Big Daddy

The Wedding Singer                            Sling Blade                                                          The Notebook

Bridget Jones's Diary                           Secondhand Lions                                              Sweet Home Alabama

About a Boy                                         The Notebook                                                      Mean Girls

A Beautiful Life                                    Something’s Gotta Give                                     As Good As It Gets

The Bucket List                                    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The Million Dollar Arm                         Mom’s Night Out                                                 Saving Mr. Banks

Parental Guidance                               Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days                       Crazy, Stupid, Love

Judy Moody and The Not Bummer Summer                                                              Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules

Up                                                        Real Genius                                                        True Grit