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PSYC500: Human Growth and Development (Matthews)


1) Develop a thesis that relates an aspect of human development to your vocational interests or some relevant economic, racial, ethnic or religious variable.

2) Search the empirical literature (using PsycInfo and ERIC) to locate pertinent articles. (See Find Articles tab.)

3) Finalize your thesis and gain professor’s explicit approval no later than Monday October 2, 2017.

4) Obtain hard copies of 3 empirical articles supportive of your thesis (you may need to use interlibrary loan; plan ahead). (See Interlibrary Loan tab.)

5) Write a concise report, following exactly the prescribed format. On a separate title page, include the title and the Citadel ID number or your name. Your report must consist of 5 paragraphs (see schematic on next page) and may not exceed 1000 words. Include a separate reference page.

6) Paper should be double-spaced and follow APA style. (See Cite Your Sources tab.)

7) Plagiarism will be handled in accord with departmental and college policy.

8) Submit (one hard copy of the articles and paper) a stapled packet that includes your paper and copies of your articles no later than the end of class on Monday November 13, 2017. Also, email a copy of your paper to me by Monday November 13, 2017.

You are encouraged to seek feedback from me on drafts of the report prior to the due date.