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Library Policies

Who is eligible to use ILL/PASCAL?

Current Citadel students, faculty, staff, and emeritus faculty are welcome to submit borrowing requests through interlibrary loan and PASCAL. The Daniel Library absorbs all costs associated with these services.

Friends of the Daniel Library may request articles, book chapters, and photocopies through interlibrary loan. Friends may request two books through interlibrary loan per semester. Requests will not be processed through PASCAL.

Alumni are encouraged to utilize the interlibrary loan services offered by their local public library system, since we cannot accommodate requests from these patrons.

How do I pick up an item I requested?

Interlibrary loan and PASCAL messages will be sent to your Citadel email address. Please check your email regularly to receive pick-up notices, overdue reminders, and other important, time sensitive information.

Once requested items are available for pick-up, please retrieve them in a timely manner by visiting the Information Desk. Interlibrary loan and PASCAL items will be kept on the hold shelf for two weeks from the time the first notice is sent.

Library staff will send items that have been awaiting pick up for more than two weeks back to their home libraries. If you will not be able to pick up an item you requested in a timely manner, please notify interlibrary loan staff so we can accommodate your needs.

Is there a limit to how many requests I can submit?

There is currently no limit to how many interlibrary loans a patron can request. The interlibrary loan department reserves the right to enforce limits, if necessary. Patrons can have 50 physical items checked out (including PASCAL items and objects that are part of the Daniel Library’s collection). Article requests do not count towards the 50 item limit.


Citadel Students, Faculty, & Staff can borrow up to 50 PASCAL items at one time.

PASCAL items can now be renewed for 6 weeks.

We hope you enjoy having the ability to place more PASCAL requests and keep items longer.

Please contact with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you!

What else do I need to know?

Fees and Account Blocks

Patrons are responsible for returning items borrowed through PASCAL/ILL in a timely manner. PASCAL items have no daily late fees, but carry a $100 charge if lost or extremely late. Patrons will be charged for damaged or lost ILL items. Unpaid charges will result in a block being placed on the patron’s account. Account blocks interfere with important processes such as registration, issuing of transcripts, and degree completion. Patrons who consistently lose ILL/PASCAL items, or return them late and/or damaged, may have their borrowing privileges suspended.

Suspension of ILL Privileges

Interlibrary loan privileges may be suspended for users with excessive library fines. If you owe $10 or more on your library account, you will not be able to request interlibrary loans until you have cleared your balance or made special arrangements with interlibrary loan staff. To check your balance and other issues pertaining to your library account, please visit and click on “My Account.”

Loan Times and Restrictions

Interlibrary loan and PASCAL services are in place to offer short term access to requested materials. We cannot guarantee long term access. If you need more time with an item, please let us know, and we will request a renewal. We strongly advise against attempting to use interlibrary loan/PASCAL as an alternative to purchasing textbooks needed for coursework. The due dates will not accommodate keeping the book for the entire semester. 

Items obtained through interlibrary loan and PASCAL cannot be placed on course reserve. If you are an instructor who would like us to purchase an item to be placed on reserve, please contact our Acquisitions Department at or submit a request to purchase form.

Have a question we haven't covered?

Please contact the Interlibrary Loan Department with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!


Phone: (843) 953-5127

Thank you for using PASCAL and Interlibrary Loan.