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The Citadel Makerspace

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How does a CNC mill work? 
CNC milling is a type of subtractive manufacturing, meaning that you remove part of an overall object to create a new object. Some examples include carving, etching, etc. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.

Can I operate a printer myself? 
The CNC mill will only be operated directly by staff right now, and you must make an appointment to submit a project. If you are interested in seeing a CNC mill in action, please contact a staff member for a demonstration. 

Who can submit a CNC mill appointment request? 
CNC milling is available to current Citadel affiliates. Academic use will be given priority over other projects. Non-academic print requests have no guaranteed turnaround time and are subject to staff approval.  

Is there a cost to use the CNC mill? 
There is currently no cost for 3D printing for Citadel affiliates. 

How many CNC mills are available? 
The Citadel Makerspace currently has one Bantam Tools CNC mill

What are the maximum dimensions in which the CNC mill can work? 
5.5 × 4.5 × 1.6 in (140 × 114 × 40.6 mm) with spoilboard removed
5.5 × 4.5 × 1.35 in (140 × 114 × 34.3 mm) with spoilboard installed

What file format does the CNC support?

How long does it take to mill a project? 
Mill times vary depending on the project. For smaller items, it can take less than 30 minutes. Using the Bantam Tools software, users can get an estimate for how long their project will take to make.

Appointments will be made with priority given to academic and research projects with a deadline; during busy periods, turnaround time may be up to 15 business days. Projects for personal use are not guaranteed a specific turnaround time.

What material is used by the CNC mill to make the objects? 
We currently offer: 6061 Aluminum, 4”x4”x0.25”, Delrin, white, 4”x5”x0.25”, HDPE, 4”x5”x0.375”, Polycarbonate, 4”x4”x0.236”, Printed circuit board blank, FR-1, 4”x5”, single-sided, Printed circuit board blank, FR-1, 4”x5”, double-sided, Linoleum block, (varying sizes), Machinable wax, (varying sizes), Machinable foam. Please keep in mind we may need to reorder materials, resulting in project delays.

Can the CNC mill be used for commercial purposes? 
The CNC mill is for non-commercial use only. The CNC mill should not be used to create items that are intended for sale.