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Fisher F22 Metal Detector

The Citadel Makerspace metal detector is available to all currently enrolled Citadel students, staff, and faculty on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have never used a metal detector, a brief orientation is highly encouraged. Please ask a Daniel Library staff member for more information.

While metal detecting is a fun way to search for objects or go beach combing, please remember to always respect property owners' rights and do not enter private property without permission. Take care to refill holes and do not leave damage.

Always check local, state, and federal laws before searching. Metal detecting can be prohibited in areas of historical, archeological, and cultural significance. Be sure to obtain any necessary permits and abide by their terms and conditions. 

The metal detector is weather-resistent, but not water-proof. Do not submerge the metal detector. Before returning the metal detector, please be sure to brush off any dirt, plant material, sand, or other debris. 

Users agree to abide by The Citadel Makerspace's policies, and Terms of Service. 

Video - Fisher F22 Metal Detector