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LDRS 101, The Freshman Experience


Prepare Your Power Point Presentation

Once you have researched the above questions, you are ready to prepare your PowerPoint Slide Presentation that you will upload in Canvas.  You will want to include a minimum of nine-ten (9-10) slides to include a cover page slide, a concluding  slide,  as  well  as  a  Works  Cited  slide  using  APA  format to ensure that you include proper citations. 

Please  review  the  Plagiarism  Workshop,,  

Once your slide presentation is complete, you will want to review two (2) other presentations and discuss on the Discussion Board.

Google slides

Google Slides - an option for creating power point sides 

1. Click on the link above and log into your Citadel Gmail account.

2. Start a new presentation. Give your presentation a name.