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LDRS 101, The Freshman Experience


Review and understand the assignment

Individual Research Slide

Use your new research skills to find one scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal article that could be useful for your group presentation. Read the abstract, then the results, discussion, and conclusion sections. You may read more if you need to.

Create and upload one PowerPoint or Google Docs Slide (in PPT, PPTX, or PDF format) that contains the following information:

· APA Citation

· Permalink (optional)

· Summary Paragraph (min 4-5 sentences) This provides an overview of the content and explains how it relates to your topic and/or is useful to your research.

Essentially this assignment asks you to practice creating an Annotated Bibliography, but only with one reference.

Note: This is an individual assignment. Each student turns in his/her own slide.


Team Presentation on Ethics in Your Profession

Working with your team members, create and deliver a 5-8 min. presentation on the topic of ethics and your field of study or profession/s. Along with the oral presentation, prepare a deck of slides (PowerPoint or Google) to share with the class.

After learning about your topic, think about what would be interesting or informative that you want to teach your peers. This will be the basis for your presentation. Possible ideas you may want to address:

· Any relevant organizational or professional code of ethics

· Ethical issues present in the field of study or profession

· Past, real-world examples demonstrating good ethics or failures of ethics

· Consequences for good ethics or failures of ethics for the organization/profession/people in general.


· Include a Title slide with the overall topic and group member names

· Each group member speaks equally during the oral presentation

· Each group member contributes 1 or 2 content slides

· Make slides attractive; choose a color scheme that is easy to read (high-contrast)

· Slides should contain a header and a few bulleted phrases only

· You may use videos and/or images; these will need to be cited

· Include a References slide with the full citation for each resource used, including videos and images

· On each slide, insert a parenthetical citation at the bottom (or more if needed) to make the connection between the information and the resource used, which is listed at the back of the slide deck on the References slide. Example: (Last Name, year, p. #). Note: page number is only given if you have direct quotations in quotation marks "".

Collaboration: This assignment is 100% collaborative. You may work together on everything, but be sure everyone contributes equally. You will create one slide deck for the entire group.

Submissions and grading: Each student submits the group slide deck into Canvas so that a grade can be assigned. Everyone will earn the same grade unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

Citation Format: APA 7th Edition - See to an external site.