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Submit a 3D Print Job

3D printing in The Citadel Makerspace is available as a printing service. Citadel students, faculty and staff must submit their print files to the print queue, available by selecting the 'Submit 3D Print Job' button above. Users will fill out the 3D Print Request form. Class assignments, and academic use will be given priority over other projects. Non-academic print requests have no guaranteed turnaround time and are subject to staff approval.  

Daniel Library staff may contact you if they deem your print job inappropriate, unprintable, or for jobs that take longer than 10 hours. Once the model has been completed, you will be notified via email that it is available for pick up. Files will be printed in the order they are received with priority given to academic and research projects with a deadline; during busy periods, turnaround time may be up to 14 business days. Projects for personal use are not guaranteed a specific turnaround time; larger objects and high resolution prints will take longer to complete. Objects that require a skirt or support structure will not have these elements removed before pick up. It is up to the user to remove these. Daniel Library staff reserve the right to discard print jobs not picked up after 30 days. 

3D printing is currently free for Citadel students, faculty and staff. 

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