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HIST 316 The Old South ( Prof McIntyre)

Suggested Topics

  • American Slave Narratives
  • Rebellions; Denmark Vesey
  • Abolition  in the South
  • Planters' Records
  • Warfare, specific battles, changes in weaponry
  • Military Schools in the South
  • Freedmen
  • Underground Railroad
  • Local historical figures, eg the Grimke sisters
  • Native American issues, ''Trail of Tears"
  • United States Presidents, national controversies
  • Role of religion, sermons for slavery or abolition
  • Commencement Speeches

Get Started

Welcome to the HIST 316 Old South Research Guide. In this guide you will find...

  • Your syllabus and Research Paper Guidelines.
  • Resources to help you search the library for materials such as articles, books, websites and more!
  • Resources to help you use interlibrary loan for resources the library does not currently own
  • Resources on how to cite your sources in Chicago and Turabian citation styles
  • Contact information for your personal History librarian