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HIST 106 World History 1500-Present: Dr. Mushal Spring 2018

This guide will help you learn to search online current and historic newspapers for research papers and prepare Chicago citations.

ProQuest Wall Street Journal database


Tips for searching the Wall Street Journal:

1. Go to -> Database tab -> In "Select a Database" box, scroll down to Wall Street Journal -> Go, will land on Advanced Search

2. For this assignment, limit "Publication Date" to "Last 30 days." For other research, you can search the database back to 1984.

3. You can search by person, company/organization, and location. Type your location in box, eg, "Kenya."

4. In "Source type," select "Newspapers."'

5. In "Document type," select "News."

6. On the Results page, you can read your article in full text, preview for additional subject terms, names, and companies/organizations. Tools include email, print, cite, and save article to a folder. 

Video - Searching the WSJ