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HIST 106 World History 1500-Present: Dr. Mushal Spring 2018

This guide will help you learn to search online current and historic newspapers for research papers and prepare Chicago citations.

Search New York Times Online

New York Times masthead



Search tips for New York Times

1. Go to, "Search" box and "Sections" or "World" links are on Home page

2. Try basic search box, then can filter your search with specific date range

3. Try searching directly within "Americas" or "Africa."

4. For this assignment, be sure you are looking at the latest articles or restricting your date range to articles published within the past month.

5. Select your article from search results, then you can read full article. Related articles on topic are provided. Other tools include sharing, email, permalink, printing, and saving. 

5 For historical research, you can search online from present to when the Times started publication in 1851. 


Video - Searching the NY Times