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HIST 203 Introduction to the Discipline of History: Charleston, 1670-1860: Dr. Mushal

This guide will help you search primary and secondary source materials, including South Carolina historic newspapers.

Find Books

Suggested Search terms and Library of Congress call numbers

To search books for primary source materials, try adding to your search keyword, terms that suggest primary source material, for example, papers, memoirs, diary, letters, documents, correspondence, photograph, or travel

Search in Classic Catalog by call number, keyword, or subject. 

Suggested keyword examples:

Names of participants: Preston Smith Brooks, Charles Sumner, John Brown AND Pottawatomie, John Brown AND Abolition

Places; Franklin County, Kansas; Bleeding Kansas

Concepts: Border Wars, Causes of Civil War, abolition, Panic of 1857, 

Suggested call numbers and subjects for browsing on the shelves or search in Classic Catalog:

E415.6-440.5 Middle nineteenth century, 1845/1848-1861
E415.6-415.9 General
E415.6 Collected works of American statesmen
E415.8-415.9 Biography
E416-420 Polk's administration, 1845-1849
E421-423 Taylor's administration, 1849-July 9, 1850
E423 Slavery question, 1849-1853
E426-430 Fillmore's administration, July 9, 1850-1853
E431-435 Pierce's administration, 1853-1857
E433 Slavery question, 1853-1857
E436-440.5 Buchanan's administration, 1857-1861
E438 Slavery question, 1857-1861
E440.5 State of the country, November 1860-March 4, 1861
E441-453 Slavery in the United States. Antislavery movements