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SMGT 539 and 558 (Davakos)

SWOT Analysis Resources

1. Select the Company Information tab on the top blue tab bar.
2. Enter the name of the company in the search box and select Search.
3. Find the company from your list of results and select the company name.
4. Look for "SWOT Analyses" link in the "Related Information" box at left. Not all companies will have a SWOT Analysis available.
5. Note also other useful links to "Industry Profiles", "Country Reports", and "Market Research Reports".

  1. Select Search by Subject or Topic
  2. Select Company Profiles
  3. Select Advanced Options
  4. Choose Select a Segment from the drop down menu and choose Company
  5. Replace InsertTermHere with the name of the company. Type AND after this segment.
  6. Next, choose Select a Segment from the drop down menu and choose Publication
  7. Replace InsertTermHere with "SWOT" 
  8. Your segment should look like this: COMPANY(Google) AND PUBLICATION(SWOT)
  9. Select Apply, and then select Search
  10. This will bring back a SWOT analysis for the company you have selected