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This guide includes services, resources, and responsibilities for liaison librarians


Embedding Librarianship in Learning Management Systems

Information literacy instruction is best when it is integrated into actual research, and in higher education that means embedding librarianship into the learning management system. Tumbleson and Burke have implemented an embedded librarianship program at their university and have surveyed 280 librarians for information on related activities. They conclude that scalability is an issue and offer direction in starting a program that can be adapted and made sustainable, including information on: Implementing a simple pilot program with a librarian and one or two faculty Understanding and managing workload 9 tips for an effective email solicitation asking faculty to participate 10 selling points to attract students to your LMS services

Building Bridges

Packed with useful tips and techniques, this handy guide offers advice on working with both students and instructors to develop successful assignments that integrate your librarys resources.