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EDUC 549-W1: Applied Measurement Techniques

Resources curated to support the assignments in EDUC 549-W1 Applied Measurement Techniques




Primarily, Mendeley is a reference management tool, but it can also help with other aspects of research, such as:

  • Organizing PDF articles, including annotations and highlights.
  • Inserting citations and bibliographies into a word processor.
  • Collaborating with other researchers.
  • Discovering articles in your area(s) of research.
  • Sharing your research in an online network.
  • Storing your data in a secure cloud-based repository.


Mendeley's basic software package is free and supported on IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Web storage space limit is 2GB. There are paid premium versions available.

Access to your reference library via web or using the desktop version.


Downloading Mendely

Download Mendely's Desktop version


Terms to be Familiar With:

Mendeley Desktop: Mendeley Desktop is the downloaded part of the software installed onto your computer.

Mendeley Web: This is the Mendeley website where you can access the web version of your library, edit your profile and search for papers, groups or people. You can also access Mendeley's social features.

Sync: The process of synchronizing your Mendeley data across devices.

Web Importer: The browser extension that lets you quickly add references to your library from anywhere on the web.

Citation Plugin: A plugin you can install that allows you to create and format your citations and bibliography according to your chosen style.


Installation Instructions for Windows and Mac


Citation Plug-In For MS Word and Others

In addition to helping you manage your materials and organise your research, Mendeley can significantly speed up the process of writing your own papers. The Citation Plugin allows you to quickly and easily cite materials that you’ve added to your Mendeley library - as well as generating a full bibliography of the materials you’ve referenced in the paper. Best of all, it allows you to completely restyle all of the references you’ve inserted into a paper with just a couple of clicks.

  • It is a free, simple plugin for Microsoft Word (Windows, Mac) or Libre Office (All platforms).

  • Allows you to quickly and easily insert styled citations to reference materials from your Mendeley Library.

  • Automatically generates a bibliography for your paper using all the materials you’ve cited.

  • Pick from a huge and growing library of citation styles and easily restyle all citations in a paper with a few clicks.

‚ÄčTo install plug-in Open the Tools Menu and select the appropriate option. Mendeley will detect which word processor(s) you have installed, so the options available to you may vary. 


Using Plug-in

In Microsoft Word for Windows, the tool can be accessed via the References tab on the Ribbon. You should see a new set of tools for the Mendeley Cite-o-Matic.


Exporting Citations From Databases into Mendely

Exporting a Citation from Searching in Discovery 



Click on title to see a more detailed citation page



Click on EXPORT and Follow Prompts. Choose Direct Export in RIS format to IMPORT into your Mendely Library