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HIST 316 The Old South ( Prof McIntyre)

Citadel Archives

The Old Citadel 1857 at Marion Square, Charleston, SC

The Citadel Archives, located in the Daniel Library, houses over 300 collections which pertain to the history of The Citadel. Dating back to The Citadel's founding in 1842, holdings include personal papers, letters, diaries, reports, minutes, speeches, and Citadel publications. Visual images include photographs, postcards, engravings, films and videotapes.

Collections include the military papers and photographs of the notable World War II General Mark W. Clark; the letters of the Confederate General Ellison Capers, an 1857 graduate of The Citadel; and nineteenth and twentieth century cadet diaries and speeches.

Our digital collection is housed through the Lowcountry Digital Library and is continually growing.

Contact Information

The Citadel Archives
171 Moultrie Street
Charleston, SC 29409
Telephone: 843-953-6846


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