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Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan

Note: Operational Context – During the first year of this three-year plan the library building will undergo the installation of a fire suppression/fire alarm system which will have a significant impact on all service and operations aspects.  Despite this challenge, our intent during the first year of the plan is to provide excellent service and to advance the organization in all strategic areas. 

A.   Continually improve the effectiveness of library instruction and learning services in all teaching venues and through all information delivery channels

  1. Optimize learning outcomes and critical thinking methodologies for all library instruction sessions.  Institute a consistent and persistent library instruction assessment program
  2. Integrate instructional technologies and enhance active learning whenever possible
  3. Continually hone teaching and reference techniques individually and departmentally

B.  Implement effective assessment tools in all facets of library programs enabling continuous improvement, innovation, and optimization of internal operations and service delivery

  1. Implement a process improvement program and organizational assessment (e.g. LibQUAL) program that support continuous improvement and SACS requirements
  2. Implement an enhanced performance review program with defined and measurable work outcomes
  3. Develop and implement a transparent budget management process enabling optimized use of funds

C.    Establish a digital center for teaching, learning, and scholarship

  1. Create program supporting digital teaching and scholarship
  2. Create Citadel history project providing for preservation and conservation of institutional history and information assets and the celebration of alumni achievement
  3. Enhance access to and discoverability of digitized and archival collections

D.   Create innovative and effective learning and working spaces that support collaboration and encourage community

  1. Assess the library’s learning environment, security needs, and technology capabilities. Develop and execute improvement plan
  2. Develop collaborative/active learning spaces to include a graduate student collaboratorium
  3. Create collaborative office space for all library faculty

E.   Present a diverse array of exemplary programs and exhibits in collaboration with other campus departments and the Lowcountry’s scholarly community

  1. Establish partnerships and program schedule with all interested Citadel departments and scholarly community partners
  2. Plan and execute exemplary programs for occasions such as Women’s History Month
  3. Develop highly collaborative and effective marketing plan to enhance participation at all Daniel Library/community partner programs

F.    Continue to seek funding through grants, revenue-producing events, and special projects

  1. Develop revenue streams from “Print-On-Demand” projects, carefully considered vendor relationships, other retail product/service opportunities to include operational charge backs, ticketed events, etc.
  2. Seek grants and grant partnerships
  3. Enhance oversight of all funding streams