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Mission, Vision, and Values



The Daniel Library, The Citadel Archives, and The Citadel Museum are the pride of The Citadel. The library is integral to student learning, faculty scholarship, and the institution’s ability to manage information and make decisions. The Archives and Museum, as custodians of The Citadel’s past and guide to its future, are institutional treasures with regional and national reputations. The Library, Archives, and Museum are, to the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of The Citadel, the exemplar of information leadership, collaboration, innovation, and professionalism. 


The mission of the Daniel Library, The Citadel Archives, and The Citadel Museum is to deliver exemplary services and to provide resources and professional support for learning, research, scholarship and instruction that inspire our campus community; to offer a welcoming environment with spaces to study, converse, and reflect; and to empower our students to become ethical and principled leaders by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to be lifelong critical thinkers.

Organizational Values

We understand that our performance and behavior are guided as much by the spirit of the values as by the definition of the values.

Collaboration – We believe that the best possible results are achieved through partnerships and teamwork both on campus and throughout the scholarly community. True collaboration requires the inclusion of diverse perspectives and issues. It must also involve mutual respect and answerability. When the ideas and actions of all interested parties are considered, the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.

Communication – We believe communication is essential to performing our mission and pursuing our vision. Communication is vital to building organizational trust and is the hallmark of respect. Communication is a multifaceted, mutually beneficial process, and the transformation of ideas is crucial to organizational advancement. We believe the initiation and articulation of ideas by people engaged in an honest, open-minded exchange result in new concepts, diverse perspectives, and organizational excellence.

Innovation – We believe that change is constant in a competitive and dynamic environment. At the heart of the truly innovative library are individuals embracing change, taking risks, and engaging with ideas beyond their comfort zone. Through the well-considered use of new models, practices, and appropriate technology, we can define the intellectual landscape and optimize The Citadel’s leadership capability. Reflecting on and assessing innovative action also strengthens our ability to examine and improve our operations, services, and policies.

Leadership - We believe in principled leadership at both the organizational and the personal level. At the center of leadership is accountability for the responsibilities we have been assigned, and the ability to expand or enhance those responsibilities whenever possible. We believe that good leadership is characterized by the ability to make decisions, take risks, and manage failure. We believe great leadership creates an environment of inspiration.

Learning – We believe that learning is central to both our institutional function and our organizational identity. By expanding our skill sets and exploring new ideas, methodologies, and technologies, we can embrace an operational model based on the constant expansion of our experiential and intellectual horizons. We believe that learning from one another and sharing knowledge in a professional manner is vital to our daily operations and will determine the course of our future.

Professionalism – We believe professionalism is a fundamental value, and well-trained, knowledgeable employees are our greatest assets. Integrity, accountability, respect, and fairness guide our performance as we strive to exemplify professionalism in everything we do.