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Remembering Pat Conroy

Books and films by Pat Conroy. Audio and photographs from Friends of the Daniel Library with Pat Conroy.


Pat Conroy, Class of '67

Pat Conroy

October 26, 1945 - March 4, 2016

“For four years, I would enter the library and find a welcoming world of solitude and books awaiting my inspection, and in their mute attentiveness, I heard those same books trying to call out my name as I wandered through their marvelous stacks at my leisure. There, at the Daniel Library, I found the college education I was looking for, and I would carry piles of books across the parade ground at night, and bring back the books I’d finished reading the next afternoon.” – The Death of Santini


Photograph Galleries of Friends of Daniel Library events with Pat Conroy



An Evening with Pat Conroy and John Warley