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Room Reservations and Library Spaces

Not sure where to go in the library? This guide is for you!

Official Policy

The Daniel Library building's primary function is to support the student and faculty research and learning. The first priority uses of any space in the library are student research and learning and library instruction.

Starbucks - 1st Floor

Need a break from studying?  Want a little pick-me-up?

Starbucks is the place to come to fulfill all your cravings.  Starbucks features an espresso bar, gourmet salads, sandwiches, fresh-baked pastries and desserts.  Conveniently located in Daniel Library, use cash, credit/debit or your OneCard to enjoy delicious cappuccinos, espresso or a refreshing beverage. 

Study Spaces in the Library

The Daniel Library has a variety of spaces to fit your needs. Whether you need to reserve a room for a group or want a quiet place to study alone, we have you covered.

For spaces tending to be quieter, select the Quiet Spaces tab. For spaces tending to be louder and able to accommodate group work, select the Collaborative Spaces tab. To reserve one of our study rooms, select the Study Room Reservations tab.

Room Reservation Policy

Room Reservation Approval Considerations:

1. The library does not reserve space for student clubs. Please contact Cadet Activities or the Graduate School for student club reservations.

2. The library does not reserve space for organizations which are not officially sanctioned by The Citadel. (eg. community groups, politically affiliated groups). Staff or faculty membership in a group does not necessarily constitute an officially sanctioned meeting.

3. Room reservations are limited to 2.5 hours, and individuals and groups may be asked to leave after that time.

4. The library does not book standard meetings.