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HESS559: Research Methods in Sports Management (Teed)

Build Your Survey

1. Your dashboard is displayed in two main sections: 

  • Your folders on the left hand side
  • Your list of projects on the right hand side, in the larger column

2. To create a new survey, select 

3. Name your project, and select a folder to put it on. If you do not select a folder, it will go into your Uncategorized folder. You can also choose to create a project from an existing copy, library, or file.

4. The next page you see will contain your editable survey. The tools to change your question type are listed on the right hand side:

You have a multitude of question types to choose from, including multiple choice, rank order and even heat maps. Take time to go through each option and choose the one right for you.

5. To add multiple questions, select 

6. When building your survey, keep the tools at the top in mind.

  • Look & Feel allows your to customize the look of your survey.
  • Survey Flow allows you to easily manipulate the order of your questions, as well as easy duplication of questions asked.
  • Survey options allows you to change the settings of your survey.
  • Tools allows for a multitude of things, including printing a copy of your survey, testing your survey and more.

7. Before finalizing your survey for distribution, make sure to Preview Your Survey. This will show you what your survey looks like on the Web, on a smartphone and on a tablet.