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HESS559: Research Methods in Sports Management (Davakos)

Assignment #2

As an investigator I have two main areas that interest me more than others.  Those two areas are:

  1. Economic Impact of events (mainly running but I can expand my interest to other sport, recreation, and entertainment events), and
  2. Satisfaction of people (fans, participants, attendees, viewers, etc.) with a sport event that they have paid money to view, attend, and/or participate in.

Based on these two interests of mine, I ask you to form 2 lists, each of which will include a number of sublists (number of sublists is on you).

The first list, named “Economic Impact” will examine literature related to the topic.  Remember that I have an interest in some aspects of economic impact, so such a topic associated with sport tourism might be of interest to me but on the other hand, association with a facilities economic impact on a region does not interest me (at least for research).   It is up to you to create sublists that might deal with economic impact of a running event, or another sporting event, or something that I confessed to have an interest in.

The second list, named “Satisfied Peoplewill examine literature related to this topic.  Again, remember that you will need to make your own sublists, which should be associated (and possibly named) with the various categories you’ll uncover.

For both lists, I am looking at a majority of primary sources, peer reviewed but I will also take abstracts, as well as reputable industry’s publications (SportBusiness Journal comes to mind) that will most likely have a full text.

Information I need for each item, is author (if provided), electronic address (so I can visit and retrieve it), and generally any information (journal or magazine name, volume, page, etc.) that will assist me in finding the same article myself.  Consider this as part of providing a “references” part of an article.

Assignment #2 Resources