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HESS546: Environmental Physiology (Imam)

How to Search Journals

1. From the library's home page, select the Journals tab within the Search the Library box.

2. Enter the title of the academic journal you wish to look at. If you aren't sure what specific journal you want, you can enter keywords to try and find a publication related to your research topic. Select Search.

3. The next page will show you a list of results based on your title or keyword search. If you are searching for a peer reviewed journal, make sure you select that option on the left hand side under Limit Your Results.

4. Select the title of the journal you wish to look at.

5. The next screen will tell you more about the publication, including publisher information, frequency of publication, and whether or not it is peer reviewed.

6. For many journals, we will have full text access via a number of different databases. They will always tell you the date range we have for each publication. Select the database you are most comfortable using. For this example, we will select SPORTDiscus with Full Text. You may also wish to Search within the Publication.

7. Depending on the database you select, your screen will look similar to the one above. On the right hand side it will display the publication information at the year, and then volume and issue number. It will once again display the publication information on the left hand side. You may also select to search within the publication on this screen.

8. Select the Volume and Issue number you are interested in browsing. This will take you to a list of the articles found within this publication.

Note: Not all databases will portray academic journals in the same way. If you have any questions about navigating these databases, please contact a librarian.

Recommended Academic Journals