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HIST 104 Western Civ II (Fall 2017 McIntyre)

This guide is intended to help you find and create resources for your World War II Research Project.

Sketchfab World War Two 3D Objects

M1 Garand by Stefan Engdahl on Sketchfab

The American M1 Garand, standard U.S. service rifle during World War II.

P38 by manilov.ap on Sketchfab

The Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a World War II American piston-engined fighter aircraft. Developed to a United States Army Air Corps requirement, the P-38 had distinctive twin booms and a central nacelle containing the cockpit and armament. Allied propaganda claimed it had been nicknamed the fork-tailed devil (German: der Gabelschwanz-Teufel) by the Luftwaffe and “two planes, one pilot” by the Japanese. The P-38 was used for interception, dive bombing, level bombing, ground attack, night fighting, photo reconnaissance, radar and visual pathfinding for bombers and evacuation missions and extensively as a long-range escort fighter when equipped with drop tanks under its wings. Wikipedia

WW2 German Panzer by willdudley on Sketchfab

A German World War Two Panzer tank. Modellied in 3Ds Max, textured in Photoshop and 3d-Coat.