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ENGL 101 Composition and Literature 1 (McCabe Fall 2017)

Library resources for Paper #4 First Amendment Freedoms

"Wake up America!"


Flagg, James Montgomery.1917.Lithograph. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. Accessed 26 October 2017.

Poster shows a woman dressed in Stars & Stripes, symbolizing America asleep. After two and a half years of neutrality, the United States entered World War I on April 6, 1917. James Montgomery Flagg, who created some of the war's most indelible images, sounded the alarm for all citizens in this poster which was featured in "Wake Up, America" Day in New York City just thirteen days later on April 19th. Actress Mary Arthur was Flagg's model for Columbia who is a personification of America and Liberty. She is shown asleep, wearing patriotic stars and stripes and a Phrygian cap--a symbol of freedom since Roman times. While she dozes against a fluted column, another visual reference to Western classical antiquity and civilization, sinister storm clouds gather in the background. (Source: Library exhibition caption)


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