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Col. Charles Courtenay Tew

Tew Family Memorial, Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina

The Tew Family memorial includes Edward and Lydia Courtenay, their son and wife Edward Smith Courtenay and Elizabeth Storer Wade, William Ashmead Courtenay and his wife Julia Anna Francis, and grandsons Alexander Black Courtenay, Edward Courtenay Bulloch, and Charles Courtenay Tew.


Tew Family memorial, Magnolia Cemetery

The marker reads "To the memory of ... Charles Courtenay Tew, Born 17th October , 1827. Graduated with First Honors at the South Carolina Military Academy--1846. Professor in his alma mater 11 years. Founded in 1858 the Hillsboro, N.C., Military Academy. Served in the Civil War as Col. of the 2nd Regiment, N.C. State Troops. Lost his life at Sharpsburg, 17th Sept. 1862, while commanding Anderson's Brigade, and was buried on that field. "