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Some recommended databases and Web sites for Chinese classes

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The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature

eBook. The 20th century was an era of tremendous changes for Chinese society, and these changes shaped the development of Chinese literature as revealed in The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century. 

The Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature

Call Number: PL2658 .E1 C65 1994

Complete with an introduction tracing the history of Chinese writing, this collection covers a diverse range of genres, from fiction, poetry and drama to folk stories, letters and travelogues. The topical arrangement of the selections brings out distinctive characteristics of this vast canon.

Experimental Chinese Literature

eBook. Experimental Chinese Literature is the first theoretical account of material poetics from the dual perspectives of translation and technology. 

The Columbia Anthology of Chinese Folk and Popular Literature

eBook. In The Columbia Anthology of Chinese Folk and Popular Literature, two of the world's leading sinologists, Victor H. Mair and Mark Bender, capture the breadth of China's oral-based literary heritage. This collection presents works drawn from the large body of oral literature of many of China's recognized ethnic groups--including the Han, Yi, Miao, Tu, Daur, Tibetan, Uyghur, and Kazak--and the selections include a variety of genres.

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