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Faculty and Staff Directory: Faculty and Staff

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Name Title Dept Phone E-mail Liaison Area
Goble, LTC David  Associate Professor, Library Director Administration 953.1267  
Elliott, CPT Christine Assistant Professor, Information Services Librarian Research & Instruction 953.9970  
Niehrah, Louie Systems Support Technician  Information Technology Service 953.4357  
Rose, CPT Marie Assistant Professor, Information Services Librarian  Research & Instruction 953.7058 Psychology, Education, Fine Arts
Steele, MAJ Kirstin  Associate Professor, Collection Management Librarian  Acquisitions & Collection Development 953.5837  
Greco, Kathy Administrative Specialist I Technical Services 953.6845  
Hadstate, Debbie Weekend and Evening Librarian  Research & Instruction 953.2569  
Turkewitz, Deborah CPT  Assistant Professor, Information Services Librarian Research & Instruction 953.7573 History, English, Modern Languages
Swartzel, Judith Library Manager II, Head of Technical Services Technical Services 953.6416  
Wallace, MAJ Elise  Associate Professor, Information Services Librarian Research & Instruction 953.6902 Political Science, Criminal Justice, Business
Haun, Amanda-Jean (Gussy)  Administrative Specialist I Technical Services 953.6845  
DeVillier, Joe Library Technical Assistant Circulation  953.6845  
Evans-White, Pamela Library Technical Assistant Circulation 953.6845  
Johnson, Terri Administrative Assistant Administration 953.6438  
King, Pamela Cataloging & Government Documents Specialist Technical Services 953.5127  
Lakes, Mary Ann Administrative Coordinator Administration 953.7691  
McAllister, Courtney Interlibrary Loan Specialist Interlibrary Loan 953.2570  
Metzger, Kevin Multimedia Resources Consultant 
Graphic Arts & Design
Systems & Technology 953.6839  
Murray, Ruby Programming and Outreach Manger Administration 953.2568  
Myers, Jennifer Weekend and Evening Librarian Research & Instruction 953.2569  
Orme, Pamela Serials and Program Specialist Technical Services 953.5129  
Reynolds, Jeremy Circulation Assistant Circulation 953.6845  
Smalls, Lakisha Cataloging Supervisor Technical Services 953.5128  

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