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Lt. Peter Franklin Cureton

Additional information accompanying the Lt. Cureton "Unfinished Dreams" exhibit. Includes full text of Missing Air Crew Report 11199, links to 303rd Bomb Group, burial information, and suggested Daniel Library resources.

Missing Air Crew Report 11199

You may read the original 54 page Missing Air Crew Report MACR 11199 at . Parachutes were observed after the bomber was hit. The surviving crew member was wounded, captured, and hospitalized. 

Other Missing Air Crew Reports (MACR) are available for other lost 303rd Bomb Group air crews at

You may also be interested in reading the description of the 303rd BG (H) Combat Mission No. 275 21 November 1944 Target: Leuna Synthetic Oil Refinery at Merseburg, Germany. It includes crew photos, aircraft formations, and crews lost. Here is the link 

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