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Faculty and Staff Directory: Faculty and Staff

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Name Title Dept Phone E-mail Liaison Area
Goble, LTC David  Associate Professor, Library Director Administration 953.1267  
Elliott, CPT Christine Assistant Professor, Information Services Librarian Learning Services 953.9970 Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Nursing
Niehrah, Louie Systems Support Technician  Information Technology Service 953.4357  
Rose, CPT Marie Assistant Professor, Information Services Librarian  Learning Services 953.7058 Psychology, Education, Fine Arts, HESS
Steele, LTC Kirstin  Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Support & Collection Services  Support & Collection Services 953.5837  
Greco, Kathy Administrative Specialist  Support & Collection Services 953.6845  
Vacant Weekend and Evening Librarian  Learning Services 953.2569    
Turkewitz, CPT Deborah Assistant Professor, Information Services Librarian Learning Services 953.7573 History, English, Modern Languages, Law
Updike, CPT Tessa Assistant Professor, Archivist Archives 953.6846  
Wallace, MAJ Elise  Associate Professor, Information Services Librarian Learning Services 953.6902 Political Science, Criminal Justice, Business, Leadership, ROTC
DeVillier, Joe Library Technical Assistant Learning Services 953.6845  
Evans-White, Pamela Library Technical Assistant Learning Services 953.6845  
Johnson, Terri Administrative Assistant Administration 953.6438  
King, Pamela Cataloging & Government Documents Specialist Support & Collection Services 953.5127  
Lakes, Mary Ann Administrative Manager Administration 953.7691  
McAllister, CPT Courtney Assistant Professor, Support and Collection Services Librarian Support & Collection Services 953.2570  
Murray, Ruby Programming and Outreach Manger Administration 953.2568  
Myers, Jennifer Weekend and Evening Librarian Learning Services 953.2569  
Orme, Pamela Learning Services Specialist Learning Services 953.5129  
Reynolds, Jeremy Circulation Assistant Learning Services 953.6845  
Smalls, Lakisha Library Systems and Cataloging Manager Support & Collection Services 953.5128  

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