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BADM Operations Management

This guide was created to provide guidelines for writing a business research paper and creating a poster which represents highlights of the research.




From your syllabus:

Each of you will be assigned to a group. Your group will prepare, present and submit a research paper based on a topic approved by your instructor. Late papers WILL NOT be accepted. Your group will be expected to present your research at a professional poster presentation.  At least one member of your group must be in attendance at the presentation.  Based on feedback during the poster session as well as my feedback on your paper submission, your group will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit your paper for a higher grade. Your research paper grade will be comprised of a group grade assigned by me for both the presentation and written submission as well as input based on peer evaluations from each of your group members. The consensus peer evaluations could potentially raise or lower your grade by one letter grade.

Paper guidelines:

The paper must be NO longer than 15 pages and can take one of two forms:

  1. A literature review of a specific operational area with a synthesis of the literature, see examples and guides for typical content and structure.
  2. An analysis of a company’s operations with a focus on a specific operational area. This will require at least three reference papers presenting best practices in your chosen operational area, a company that you interview/survey with regard to their practices in your chosen operational area, a comparison of the company’s practices to best practices, recommendations of how to move the company practices towards best practices. See examples and guides for paper structure and sections.

The paper’s citations should be done in the APA style, guideline posted on CitLearn.

Any questions about the topic, structure, or format of the paper, please let me know.



Poster guidelines:

The poster should be done in a 36 x 48 format. Poster guidelines and templates are posted on CitLearn. Please DO NOT use a trifold.

Mr. John Whitten ( in the media center, 303 Bond Hall, can help you with design and layout as well as printing (at a cost). If you would like to consult with Mr. Whitten on design and layout, please email him and make an appointment in advance.

Any questions about the structure or format of the poster, please let me know.