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BADM Operations Management

This guide was created to provide guidelines for writing a business research paper and creating a poster which represents highlights of the research.

High Level Topics List

Lean (huge topic)

Analytics (very timely topic)

Enterprise Resource Planning


Intermodal transportation



Automated production


ISO 9001, 14001, AS9100, ISO/TS-16949

Inventory Management




Project Management


HAZMAT (MSDS system)

Sarbanes Oxley

Flow of information, cash, process, product


Product life cycle

Marketing challenges (Tesla, Apple)

Design for manufacturability

Outsourcing vs. offshoring

Barcode and RFID

Statistical Process Control

Constraint management (The Goal)

Capacity planning

Six Sigma

Toyota Production System

Software as a solution

Operations interface with sales

Operations interface with accounting

Traditional cost accounting vs. ABC accounting vs. throughput accounting

Cycle counting vs. wall to wall inventory

Human Resources role in Operations

Facility location decision process

Consolidation vs. divestiture

SWOT analysis

Strategic Planning and Operations