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LDRS 101, The Freshman Experience, Class of 2023


Research Assignment

During the library class, you will learn how to:

  • evaluate information
  • be aware of biases (personal and published)
  • select effective keywords
  • find books, articles, and other library resources
  • explain the importance of citing sources

Explain and analyze

1. Select a topic and identify the ethical issues involved.

2. Analyze the decision that was made and decide if the decision was the correct one. Why? Why Not? If you would have chosen another decision. Provide support for your answer. 


1. What role does gender play in leadership qualities? Who are the better leaders and why?

2. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher made the decision to go to war in the Falklands while her government was on the brink of collapse. How did this decision fortify her ability to lead?

3.  What is the place of ethics in an organizational culture, and how do different cultures define ethical leadership? Do any of these definitions match your ethical values or morals?

4. For President Harry Truman, the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was the most difficult decision of this political career and his life. Explain the ethical issues he faced and the leadership qualities required for this decision to be made.

5. Many ethical issues have been raised concerning the decision to launch the Shuttle Challenger in low temperatures. NASA engineers voiced their reservations about the launch in cold weather; however, management felt secure in their decision to launch. How did this launch failure highlight the ethical issues in the organizational structure, communication, and culture?