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Welcome to the Daniel Library: Accessing the Wireless Network

Authentication and Login Instructions

Before authentication is possible, you must configure your computer for wireless.


To connect to a wireless network: 

1. From the Windows Desktop, click START then "Control panel".
2. Double-click "Network Connections" (or "Network and Internet Connections").
3. Right-click "Wireless Network Connection".
4. Select "View Available Wireless Networks". The Wireless Network Connection dialog will display.
5. From here you may see several wireless network names (SSIDS). Select the appropriate Wireless SSID from the list below then click CONNECT.

  • Citadel Private - Citadel Faculty, Staff & Students
  • Guest - Citadel-sponsored guests
  • Press - Citadel-authorized Media members.

Login Credentials

When opening your web browser you should be redirected to Aruba, The Citadel's wireless authentication login page. Use the appropriate credentials to login for wireless access:

  • Citadel Students - Enter your Lesesne Gateway username and password.
  • Citadel Faculty and Staff - Enter your Lesesne Gateway username and password. 
  • Library Guests - Please see a library staff member to log you in.  We do not give out usernames and passwords.  If you are a frequent guest, you will need to be logged in by a staff member each time you visit the library.

Citadel Wireless Service

Wireless Service allows members of The Citadel Community (students, faculty and staff) with a laptop and an appropriate wireless network card to access the campus network and the Internet from areas around campus where wireless has been installed and activated.

To offer the potential benefits of this service to The Citadel community, ITS Network Operations and Security (NOS) is in the process of deploying a campus-wide wireless network.

To utilize this service, your Laptop or PDA device must be configured with a wireless card or have built-in wireless capability that supports the IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g wireless standards. Your device must also be able to open web pages for authentication using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.


Wireless is expanding but is presently limited to a few areas of campus; read more here: Campus Wireless Information.

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