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LDRS 101 & CSI: Before Coming to the Library

Class Assignment

Note:  Before students can begin this assignment, they must have completed the three-day block assignment on Ethical Reasoning which involves identifying and articulating an Ethical Dilemma. The selection of dilemmas will address ethical issues in the five schools: Business, Engineering, Education, Humanities & Social Science, and Math & Science.  


Teacher wih students   

      Before Coming to the Library—Assignment and Group Selection 



1.  The class will be divided into groups by discipline/profession such as Education, Business, Engineering, and Math & Science as well as Humanities & Social Sciences—to include Military Science. For example, if a cadet is interested in becoming an educator, that person can easily work with the Humanities group.

2.   Each group should have no more than four (4) students and no fewer than two (2) students.

3.   The groups will conduct research on “How Ethics Applies to a Discipline or Profession.” 

4.   Each group will: 1) Review the ethical issues in the Summer Reading Selection, A Few Good Men. 2) Discuss possible topics that parallel the ethical issues from the book. 3) Decide on a topic for their research and presentation.

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