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HIST 201: American History to 1865 (McIntyre)

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Suggested search words

Here are some suggested words to include in your search to find primary source material:
  • anecdotes/   documentary films/   personal narratives
  • archives/   documentary photography/   pictorial works
  • biography/   early works to 1800/   portraits
  • caricature and cartoons/   interviews/   public opinion
  • case studies/   manuscript/s   speeches
  • comic books, strips/   notebooks/   songs and music
  • correspondence/   pamphlets/   sources
  • description and travel/   periodicals/   statistics
  • diaries/ autobiographies/ sermons /
  • slave narratives/  letters/  wills
Examples of some keyword searches:
(submarine or navy or naval) and (diaries or narratives or sources) and civil war
nurses and (correspondence or diaries or sources)

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