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HIST 443 Fall 2017 Capstone Seminar: Charleston and the Atlantic World Dr. Mushal

This guide will help you search primary and secondary source materials, including historic newspapers.

Search Library Classic Catalog



Suggested Search terms and Library of Congress call numbers

To search books and primary source materials, try adding to your search keyword, terms that suggest primary source material: papers, memoirs, diary, letters, documents, correspondence, photograph, or travel

Search in Classic Catalog by call number or subject. You can also walk to first floor shelves and browse. 

Suggested call numbers for browsing on the shelves or search in Classic Catalog:

  • E 186-199 -- Colonial History (1607-1775)
  • E 201-298 -- The Revolution, 1775-1783
  • E 300-453 -- Revolution to the Civil War, 1775/1783-1861
  • E 301 -- Collected works of American Statesmen
  • F 266-280 -- South Carolina local history, does include family papers and letters collections. 

Try these Subject examples in Classic Catalog:

  • South Carolina History Colonial Period Ca 1600 1775
  • South Carolina History Civil War 1861 1865 Personal Narratives


You can find more Library of Congress Subject headings at

Select Class E-F -- History of the Americas


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