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American Government and Politics: Books


Books in the library about key players in gevernment

Congress and the Nation 1977-2001 (95th - 106th Congress) - includes legislation, issues, and events
Call number REF JK 1001 C6  (use the index)

Congressional Quarterly Almanac 1948-2000 - includes provisions, background, and major players
Call number Gov't Doc (alphabetical order)

Congressional Quarterly's Politics in America 1992-2008 - key players 
Call number REF JK 1012 .C63

Almanac of American Politics 1984-2010 - key players 
Call number REF JK 271 .B343

Books and Print Journals

Almanac of American Politics - political overview for each state with background and analysis of Congessional Districts [Ref. JK271. B343] Library Use Only

Politics in America - details on careers and positions of all members of Congress [Ref. JK1010 P64] Library Use Only

 2014 - 114th Congress (online)

Congressional Quarterly Almanac - annual narrative account of Congressional activity, legislation, rollcall votes [Government Document]

U.S. Congressional Serial Set - reports, documents and journals from 1817 through 1980, including all pictures and maps.  This is a rich collection of primary sources on all aspects of American history, from the Executive and Legislative Branches of goverment [Goverment Document]

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