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Women in Leadership: Primary Sources

Online Primary Sources

Digital Collections @ The Citadel

Digital Collections @ The Citadel 

For digital material with a more Citadel-specific mission, visit Digital Collections @ The Citadel. Here you will find a growing collection of student work, alumni memoirs, and campus publications. The collections found here have been made available because of their significance to our community, to our campus, to our students, and to our alumni.

If you have a collection or project you would like to be digitized, please contact the Digital Library.  Mary Moultrie

Mary Moultrie (b. 1943) was among the leaders of the 1969 Charleston hospital strike. Image part of  "Capturing Character", a project led by Professor Tiffany Silverman's photography class with Alice Keeney, September 2011. See the entire collection here

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