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Request a Trial Database

Do you need a database to which we currently do not subscribe? Send us an e-mail with the database URL and your name, department and email address. We will contact you shortly.

Suggest a Purchase or Subscription

The Daniel Library orders books, audio-visual materials, journals, indexing/abstracting, electronic databases - in short, anything supporting the college curriculum. We emphasize content over container. We welcome suggestions for new titles and replacements for outdated or missing titles. 

Teaching faculty, send requests through your department's library liaison, or submit one of the following forms:

A Few of my Favorite Links

Searching Tricks and Tips

  • if you're looking for a journal article that we do not subscribe to, try  use the most unique words in the title or author, or put the title of the article in quotation marks:  "animals used in laboratories in arkansas"  Now go to "advanced search" and select .pdf as file type, and execute search.  Sometimes the author (or someone) will have posted a copy of the article.  do not use quotation marks if you are not positive of the exact title of the article.
  • if you want to exclude videos from your search results in the library catalog, use keyword search.  type your keyword and the word 'videorecording,' e.g., ROME AND NOT VIDEORECORDING
  • works the same way for SOUND RECORDING
  • conversely, if you want to find ONLY videos, just take out the word 'NOT'
  • do NOT use the drop-down box labeled VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION.  The drop-down limiters here refer to collections within the library, NOT to item types.  If you want to exclude things like ebooks, add "NOT ELECTRONIC" to your keyword search, e.g., ROME AND NOT ELECTRONIC

Accreditation Support

Adding a new program?

Have a current program up for accreditation? 

Contact me to learn more about how library resource analysis and other methods can support the accreditation process.

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